Are you holidaying in Ireland this summer? Whether you're an Irish native taking a weekend trip or a tourist visiting the Emerald Isle, IrishCentral wants to share your videos! 

Ireland is so beautiful, especially during this phenomenally warm and sunny summer, that it would be practically criminal not to capture the glory of the landscape, the buzz of Irish towns and cities. 

Submit a video of your summer moment in Ireland by emailing or using #ICSummer when you post your video on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Vine. 

We will be accepting submissions until Friday, August 26. The winner will be notified the following week and awarded $200 for capturing the magic that is summer on the emerald isle. The winning video (as well as some honorable mentions!) will be shared with IrishCentral's audience of 3 million readers.  

The video can be of your favorite vista, a gorgeous sunset, a day at the beach, or even the occasional downpour. It can be of a trad session or arts festival; a timelapse of the perfect pint or a chat with some fun locals.

If you're feeling particularly ambitious, you could even document every day and leg of the journey like this lad did: 

Happy vacationing! We can't wait to see what you've been up to this summer.