IrishCentral's largely Irish American audience are already planning their next vacation to Ireland, mainly for pleasure and to visit their family, and some even know exactly what attractions they're be planning to visit. 

It is been a tough couple of months and it seems IrishCentral's audience has really been missing Ireland. The results from a short survey carried out by IrishCentral show that 87% of our audience are planning a trip to Ireland in 2022, if not before.  

In our audience survey, carried out over the month of May 2021, IrishCentral's audience said that 87% plan to travel to Ireland in 2022.

When asked, if not in 2022, when do you plan to visit? A whopping 75% said this year, 2021, while 10.7% said ASAP (as soon as possible). Another 14.3% said they would plan their next vacation in Ireland in 2023. 

Many of our readers explained that they had trips to Ireland planned in 2020 but were forced to cancel them due to travel restrictions. Now, thankfully, as vaccines are being rolled out and travel is returning IrishCentral's audience is ready to travel once more. 

Of the IrishCentral monthly readers who took the survey, 88.1% said they consider themselves to have Irish roots. 

When asked "What will be the purpose of your next visit to Ireland?" IrishCentral's audience predominantly answered that the trip would be for "pleasure". While 13.1% said they would visit family and 4.8% said they would visit Ireland as part of a larger trip. 

One reader confided "My husband, from Dublin, had asked to have his ashes taken to Ireland. He died one month ago and I plan to honor his wishes next year."

Another reader answered that they plan to "visit the Connacht region of Ireland where many of my ancestors lived and current distant relatives reside."

Beautifully one respondent simply said, "a lifelong dream come true."

When asked what tourist attractions they plan to visit the Cliffs of Moher, in County Clare was a clear winner with Guinness Storehouse, in Dublin, Powerscourt, in Wicklow, and Blarney Castle, in Cork, coming in a close second. Our readers also had other ideas adding that they would visit locations such as Conor Pass, on the Dingle Peninsula, and the Aran Islands, off Galway. Two of our favorite answers were "The Coast" and "my ancestor's towns". 

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