An island called Dorinish off the west coast of Ireland that was once owned by John Lennon is now on the market for just $390,000 (€300,000).

Made up of two smaller islands joined by a natural stone causeway, it measures 19 acres. As the westernmost of the 365 islands in Co. Mayo’s Clew Bay, Dorinish has breathtaking views in every direction.

Dorinish’s new owners will be able to see the dramatic silhouette of Clare Island to the west, the Inishgort Lighthouse and Nephin Mountains to the north, Croagh Patrick to the south, and the Drumlin Islands and Westport Quay to the east.

John Lennon purchased the uninhabited island as a holiday home for his family in 1967 for less than $3,000. After divorcing his then-wife Cynthia, he invited ‘King of the Hippies’ Sid Rawle to Dorinish to establish a commune in 1970, where a group of 25 lived for the next two years.

Yoko Ono sold the island to its current owners for $49,000 after Lennon’s death and donated the proceeds to an Irish orphanage.

Census figures show that since the 1800s, ownership of Dorinish has been passed down through fifteen people. It is currently uninhabited except for sheep and sea birds including puffins, terns and cormorants.

Dorinish held an artists’ summer school called “Aerial Blue” in July 2011 and is sometimes visited by Beatles enthusiasts.