Applying for an ESTA on the Visa Waiver Program to the USA? You may want to get there before August 5 if your flight is coming up soon. 

Irish citizens traveling to the USA are lucky enough to be included among the nationalities who can apply for the Visa Waiver Program, which for just $14 allows you entry to America on vacation for up to 90 days at a time. 

Lasting for two years, Irish people simply have to apply for their Electronic System for Travel Authorisation (ESTA) to allow entry to the US without a visa.

While it's always advised that you apply for the ESTA sooner rather than later to ensure that you'll have approval in time for your flight, if you're traveling in the next little while and have decided to leave it until the last minute, you may want to stop procrastinating on the application. 

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According to a warning across the ESTA website, maintenance is to be carried out on the site that may affect your application if you're attempting to fill it in this August 5. 

"The ESTA website will be updated on August 5, 2019. All ESTA applications that are in a pending payment status at the time of the update will be archived," the website reads. 

"Applicants impacted will have to reapply after the update is complete. Citizens of participating Visa Waiver Program (VWP) countries traveling to the United States are strongly encouraged to apply for an ESTA at the time of booking their trip and no later than 72 hours prior to departure."

You have been warned! 

Are you traveling between Ireland and the US this year? Let us know what you're getting up to in the comments section, below. 

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