From ancient countryside castles to plush, modern city houses, there are some properties available at the moment that could inspire you to return home to Ireland for a solid (if astronomical) investment. While all of these are just slightly out of my price range, there’s nothing to stop a daydream.

If you had to choose one, where would you live, and why? Are you more inclined to disappear into the comfort a countryside castle or live it large in a capital city mansion? Let us know in the comments section below.

The Fantasy

Buried in the countryside, hidden from modern infrastructure and probably without WiFi, here are some of the most beautiful buildings, gardens and estates in the entire country.

Roundwood Park, Roundwood, Co. Wicklow $7,228,320 (€5,500,000)

If you’re feeling a sudden urge to fulfill a childhood fantasy of becoming a Princess (or indeed, Prince) then why not buy an actual castle? The surrounding 400 acres of land make for ideal countryside romps and it’s only an hour away from Dublin City should you feel the need to re-immerse yourself in reality. Hidden in dense woodland, there isn’t a sight or sound of the modern world, allowing you to comfortably live your fairytale dream.

Knockabbey Castle, Ardee, Co. Louth $1,570,516 (€1,195,000)

Originally built in 1399, the grounds of this ancient castle tumble and fold outwards from the main house to reveal a chapel, function rooms and laneways from which lawns and cottages abound. Complete with turrets, stags’ heads and billiards, this estate is just begging to be turned into a luxurious guest house or hotel where regular events can be turned out on the picturesque gardens. This is the brochure that you browse thinking *insert bridal party here*. It would just be such a shame for someone to buy it and not share with everyone else.

Tulira Castle, Ardrahan, Co. Galway $8,542,560 (€6,500,000)

It is hard to believe that this place is actually real as it looks an awful lot like the impossibly beautiful, inexplicably untouched and entirely fictional Downton Abbey. A national landmark, there is a great element of responsibility and preservation with Tulira Castle and is probably not the best setting for fairytale photos but holds much more historical and cultural prevalence in this list. A noble and far less frivolous (but equally unrealistic) purchase than the others, no doubt.

Dromfarriff Estate, 5 Waterfront Villas and Cottages, Glengarriff, Co. Cork $7,623,643 (€5,800,00) (accumulative)

Choose from one of the five available cottages on this beautiful estate. Silver Birch House, Holly House, Linden House, Aspen House & Maple House each boast their own stunning architectural and design features with access to the famous Glengarriff 9 hole golf-course. Modern features in a traditional setting make for an ideal repose in your later years.

Baile Atha Cliath

In Ireland’s capital, there is a prominent, growing and exciting cityscape – but because it is still Ireland, you are never too far from the comfort of the coast. Here’s a taste of suburban Dublin’s finest and a sampling of the coastline gems.

Windgate”, Windgate Road, Baily, Howth, Co. Dublin $5,256,960 (€4,000,000)

Originally built in 1935, Windgate is a prime example of Art Deco in Dublin on a site chosen for its panoramic views of Dublin Bay. History aside, this house is currently one of the most desirable properties on the market. Howth is an increasingly popular destination for both tourists and residents with its abundant amenities, welcoming community and breathtaking scenery. Windgate stands out as a landmark on the coastline and with a regal integrity and wide range of magnificent features (including balconies, terraces and even a Wendy house) this is the quintessential Irish dream house.

Sorrento House, Sorrento Terrace, Dalkey, Co. Dublin $15,770,880 (€12,000,000)

Perhaps the most sought after address in Ireland, it is no surprise that Dalkey’s Sorrento House comes in at the most expensive property on the list, even out-ranking the castles. Similar to Windgate, here you will find panoramic views of Dublin but you won’t have to travel quite so far to get to the city. With the beautiful backdrop of Dalkey village and an extensive list of special features including a Summer House for guests (or staff, depending on what you fancy), a reception hall, a cinema room and a wine cellar, this is the ideal house to host guests from far and wide, showing off the most beautiful views of Dublin and the most enviable property to boot.

A compromise

Cuan Dor Haven, Glandore, Co. Cork $585,000 (€445,000)

A slightly more affordable option than a countryside castle, this two story house offers magnificent views over the harbor and the stunning scenes of West Cork, arguably the sunniest spot in Ireland. With ample space both inside and out, this would make for an ideal family or holiday home.