1.Always change your money at an ATM location using your U.S. ATM card. The money change places are a rip off and ATMs don’t charge anything like the fees they do.

2. Check your bill in restaurants, many add the ‘gratuity’ but won’t tell you.

3. No need to tip your cab driver much – they don’t expect it in Ireland like in New York. If it is $7.70, just give him $8

4. If you must bet on American sporting events in Ireland, football, baseball, etc., they charge no tax and there is no take out in the bookmakers.

5. Newspapers are too expensive. Even tabloids usually cost a $1.50 or so—stick to the Internet.

6. Ask Aer Lingus or your carrier at the airport how much an upgrade to business class is. Sometimes they have deals.

7. Stay in Bed-and-Breakfasts in the countryside. Some of them are quite good for about $30 a night.

8. Always order the full Irish breakfast. You won’t have to eat until dinner if you don’t get a heart attack first with all the sausages and bacon.

9. In contrast sandwiches are mean and tiny compared to in America. Make your own.

10. If you really want to go on the cheap, go to Northern Ireland. They’re a lot cheaper because they need tourists badly and it is just as good as the rest of Ireland.