Aer Arann’s regional flight between Connemara, Co. Galway to Inishmaan, one of the Aran Islands, takes only six minutes, but surprisingly, it is not the shortest flight in the world — it is the fourth.

The world’s shortest scheduled flight is between Westray and Papa Westray, two of the Orkney Islands, in Scotland.

The flight takes a mere 47 seconds, a Guinness World Record.

The Irish Post reports that the daily route’s average flight time is two minutes (flight times can change depending on the conditions of the day), but with a tail wind, the 1.7 mile route takes only 47 seconds including taxi.

Here are the top 10 shortest flights in the world:

1. Westray to Papa Westray, Scotland: 2.7km, 47 seconds

2. Caye Chapel to Caye Caulker, Caribbean: 3,9km, roughly two minutes

3. Karpathos to Kasos Island, Greece: 19.3km, roughly five minutes

4. Connemara to Inishmaan, Ireland: 16km, roughly six minutes

5. Hoolehua – Kalaupapa, Hawaii: 14.2km, roughly 10 minutes

6. Saipan to Tinian, Northern Mariana Islands: 17km, roughly 10 minutes

7. Cayman Brac to Little Cayman, Caribbean: 19km, roughly 10 minutes

8. Minami-Daito to Kita-Daito, Japan: 11km, 15 minutes

9. Papeete to Moorea, French Polynesia: 17.7km, 15 minutes

10. Kos to Kalymnos, Greece: 22km, 20 minutes

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