TripAdvisor recently came out with a list of countries ranked in terms of excellent service, with Ireland coming in at the number two spot for travelers.

The Emerald isle has long been the land of Céad Míle Fáilte, or a hundred thousand welcomes, which can easily be seen through the great service synonymous with the country and countless positive traveler reviews.

Ireland named 'Best European Destination' at Group Travel Awards

— Tourism Ireland (@TourismIreland) June 6, 2018

The report also ranked the UK in the third spot and Iceland in the number one spot among countries renowned for excellent service in terms of accommodations, restaurants, and experiences that have consistently achieved great reviews. Surprisingly enough, the U.S. did not even place on the list but made it on the cities list with Key West coming in first for hospitality.

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Dublin came in sixth place among other cities on the list for excellent services such as Marrakech and Amsterdam, coming in fourth and fifth respectively. As for those with great restaurants, Key West also came in first place with Reykjavik, Bali and Cabo San Lucas following it.

Dublin came in 9th place for cities with great restaurants, which is not much of a surprise considering that the city has amazing pubs on nearly every corner.

All in all, Ireland is a must-visit place that should be on every traveler’s radar for the future, given that Irish hospitality is a world-renowned tradition.

What review would you give Ireland if you’ve been? Are you more likely to visit given Ireland’s rankings?

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