Dublin is the best city in Europe and the second best in the world for Americans to live in, according to a report comparing a wide range of places where Americans settle. 

The 2015 study, from consultancy firm ECA international, compared 450 places for “livability.” The research was compiled for businesses sending their employees abroad, to help determine how much compensation employees should receive for the inconvenience, BreakingNews.ie reported. Factors such as climate, housing, social life, safety, air quality, and health services were taken into account.

The study also looks at the “level of adaptation required” by the person’s culture, which might be why Toronto, which placed in the top spot, was found to be the best place in the world for North Americans. Copenhagen, Denmark, came in third place, after Dublin.

Ireland’s capital city has attracted major global tech companies, such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Yahoo! reports the Business Insider

*Originally published in January 2015.