Ireland’s tourism authority, Fáilte Ireland, has put some of Dublin’s more remote places on the map by using the ‘Google Trekker’ specialized camera to capture some of Dublin’s many beauty spots which haven’t yet been captured by Google Street View.

Starting off on Howth Head, Fáilte Ireland’s Dublin team will gather images of some of Dublin’s magnificent views and hidden gems over the next number of weeks which will ultimately be made accessible via Google Maps. Malahide, Sandycove, Dun Laoighaire, and the Grand Canal are among some of the other areas due to be captured by the ‘Trekker’.

The Google Trekker has been accessed through Google’s ‘Trekker Loan Programme’ and is being used to capture Street View imagery in remote places where the car can’t go. The Trekker is a wearable backpack, with a camera system on top, designed by Google. The Trekker can be walked through pedestrian walkways or trails on foot, and automatically gathers images as it goes.

The footage, which is being captured by Fáilte Ireland employees, will be processed by Google and made available in early 2016 - giving people all over the world an even better view of what Ireland has to offer in terms of walks and landscapes.

Speaking about the success of the project to date, Daragh Anglim, Fáilte Ireland’s Head of Digital said “The use of the Google Trekker has generated significant interest already as we travelled the length of the Wild Atlantic Way capturing beautiful scenery and our breath-taking coastline. As we begin capturing the ‘Dublin Experience’ we are delighted to be able to showcase some of the lesser seen sights of Dublin to potential holidaymakers around the world and reinforcing Dublin’s image as a city which is much more than just a city.”

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Over the past month Fáilte Ireland has been actively capturing the Wild Atlantic Way’s remotest beauty spots and, once they complete showcasing the ‘Dublin Experience’, they will begin recording many of the highlights of ‘Ireland’s Ancient East’ including the narrow streets of medieval towns, the grounds of stately homes and iconic attractions such as Newgrange.

Google spokesperson Laurian Clemence commented “We are delighted to be partnering with Fáilte Ireland in order to bring Street View imagery to areas within Ireland that are rich in heritage and known for their outstanding natural beauty. When the project is complete and the images have been included on Street View anyone across the world will be able to access them directly from their smartphones or computer via Google Maps, and it will hopefully encourage many more to visit.”

Explaining the benefit of employing the Google Trekker, Mr Anglim further emphasized “Six out of ten visitors to Ireland last year cited the internet as an influence when choosing the country as a destination. Three quarters of visitors told us that they use the internet to plan their itinerary here before arriving. The use of Google Trekker is therefore a welcome addition to Fáilte Ireland’s significant engagement with digital and social media to promote Ireland.

”When finally captured and uploaded, we hope that millions worldwide get to explore very beautiful and attractive images of some of our remotest parts through Google street view. We also hope that these images inspire many viewers to subsequently make the crucial decision to come over here to see the real thing.”

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