Ireland's mountains may not be the tallest in the world, but they offer breathtaking views, sheer drops and peaks that sometimes seem impossible to reach. 

Although, nothing seems untraversable for Garry Davoren, a bike shop manager, professional bike tester, and awesome adventurer, whose Instagram feed we just can't stop looking at. 

Davoren posts incredible videos of his journeys – sometimes just from his own perspective, sometimes showing his pals. 

Davoren is a manager at MBW Bikes in Galway and a tester for Kona Bicycles. He rides mountain bikes and fat tire bikes, and traverses ledges and peaks so narrow it makes you nervous just watching from the safety of your own phone or computer. 

Like this one, at Slieve League in County Donegal:

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Or this one, along Minors Path on the distinctive Muckish, also in Donegal:

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Or this one, descending Muckish: 

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He also edits together longer compilations of his days out, like this Wild Atlantic Way trip: 

Thanks for allowing us to live vicariously, Garry!