A new 4km pilgrim path from the base to the summit of Croagh Patrick is set to be officially opened on Monday afternoon. 

The path is the result of a grueling three-year project carried out by hand by a team of five workers, who removed thousands of tons of soil and rock to make an accessible path up  Croagh Patrick.

The path runs from the statue of St. Patrick at the base of the mountain to the church located at the summit. 

It is two meters wide throughout the 4km trail and only uses materials that were found on the mountain. 

Frank McMahon, Tulio d'Jesus, Bernard Burke, and David Doyle worked under the mentorship of Matt McConway to complete the arduous project. 

The team climbed the mountain hundreds of times in all weathers and all seasons over the past three and a half years, creating a YouTube channel to document their experiences. 

The Climb the Reek YouTube channel, run by David Doyle, documents almost every step of the arduous process, showing how the team gathers materials and installs new steps. 

The team took on the hugely physical challenge due to concerns about the condition of the original pathway up the mountain, which has been worn down considerably over the years. 

In 2015, the Croagh Patrick Stakeholders Group was formed to address the erosion of the existing pathway. The group was also tasked with protecting the natural environment and habitats found on the mountain. 

The group includes a number of local stakeholders, including Mayo County Council, the Department for Rural and Community Development, the Catholic Church, South West Mayo Development Company, and Mountaineering Ireland. 

The new project cost roughly €600,000, with the Department for Rural and Community Development providing 80% of the funding and Mayo County Council providing the remaining 20%. 

The new pathway was constructed as part of the group's "Towards the Healing of Croagh Patrick" project.