On the northern coast of Ireland, ancient rock formations collectively called Giant’s Causeway sit, in all their natural majesty. It’s a locale where visitors marvel, climb, hike, photograph and hold their breath in witness to their wonder.

Want a look? Head over to CIE Tours Takes You to Northern Ireland’s Amazing Giant’s Causeway, one of a series of videos on CIE Tours’ YouTube channel. Watching the video’s vivid scenes, you can almost feel the bracing spray of the North Atlantic on your face and the sturdy, age-old rocks beneath your feet.

James Milliken, a community engagement officer at Giant’s Causeway, explains that while the basalt rock formations you’ll find here aren’t geologically unique, “nowhere else in the world will you find them on the scale that we have here at Giant’s Causeway.” The rocks kissed by the surf, the cliffs that soar from the seacoast, have been here for 60 million years, created during a period of intense volcanic activity. As you watch this short but evocative video, you get the sense that the Causeway has been waiting for you to come and see it, feel it, climb it and enjoy the breathtaking vistas it creates. And, there’s no better way to explore Giant’s Causeway than on a CIE Tour.

CIE International Tours, the premiere purveyor of escorted motorcoach tours of Ireland, as well as of England, Scotland, and Wales, offers a host of trip options that include a visit to Giant’s Causeway, which is located on the coast of Northern Ireland, in County Antrim. Irish tours range from five-day trips to 14-day journeys, making it easy to find a vacation that suits you.

For more than 81 years, CIE Tours International of Morristown, NJ, has set the standard for fully escorted motorcoach tours of Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales. This renowned tour operator delivers unsurpassed experiences and value for both packaged vacations and custom independent travel, combining the best of each destination with expert professional tour guides who bring each itinerary to life. All CIE Tours’ travel programs are protected by the company’s $550+ Advantage, a no-fee benefit guaranteeing that travelers are never charged for special features considered optional extras with other tour companies.

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