Galway, Dublin and Cork have been named by Travel and Leisure magazine as three of the friendliest cities in the world.

In their list of top ten friendliest cities, Galway claimed the number one spot. Dublin came in third and Cork came in fourth, reports.

Galway won readers’ hearts with its festive nature, lively population, and musicality. Said one review: "Fiddlers and banjo-players, flautists and whistlers bang out traditional Irish reels on pedestrian streets and in all the pubs.”

Another review said that Galway people were the "friendliest people they'd ever met.”

Of Cork, the magazine said: "In the country’s largest county, verdant hills bloom with wildflowers, rivers run through ruins, and courteous locals welcome visitors with open arms."

Here is Travel and Leisure’s list of the World's 10 Friendliest Cities:

1. Galway

2. Charleston, North Carolina

3. Dublin

4. Cork

5. Siem Reap, Cambodia

6. Auckland, New Zealand

7. Melbourne, Australia

8. Sydney, Australia

9. Edinburgh, Scotland

10. Savannah, Georgia