Butlers Chocolate Experience is the No 1 visitor attraction in Ireland right now in my opinion and I should know, having personally reviewed over a hundred such sites for my website www.irelands-hidden-gems.com.

Butlers Chocolate have to be commended for their innovation (a glass walkway tour over the factory floor) which is an amazing blend of information and fun (hands on chocolate painting workshop) and value for money (all the chocolate you can eat and your own personal chocolate bear to take home).

Only after the tour (a behind the scenes glimpse of the chocolate making process)did it occur to me that the same fastidiousness that goes obvious goes into producing and packaging their chocolate products, is what had been applied to the Butlers Chocolate Experience, which is a sure fire recipe for success if ever there was one....

Being the month that’s in it, Easter eggs twirl around on their molds, while mini-eggs wrapped in shiny foil grow into small mountains before your eyes. The pristine new eggs and trays of different chocolates arrive at the packing area where they are arranged into the Butlers signature boxes or wrapped in color paper and foil and hand-tied (of course) with ribbons. What I hadn’t expected was the surge of pride for an Irish product and a new respect for the people producing it, which will undoubtedly influence my future purchasing power....

For full details of my delicious tour of the Butlers Chocolate factory see http://www.irelands-hidden-gems.com/butlers-chocolate.html

By Susan Byron of www.irelands-hidden-gems.com

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