Castles in Ireland will make your Irish vacation even more luxurious

Traveling to Ireland this year? There's no shortage of wonderful and historic castles across the country that will help elevate your Irish vacation to the next level.

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Check out some of our favorite Irish castles you can stay in here:

Waterford Castle Hotel & Golf Resort 

Waterford Castle Hotel & Golf Resort (Waterford Castle Hotel & Golf Resort, Facebook)

Waterford Castle Hotel & Golf Resort (Waterford Castle Hotel & Golf Resort, Facebook)

Situated on an island in the middle of the River Suir, this castle can only be accessed by a ferry chartered by the hotel.  But beware, the ferry stops running close to midnight so make sure you have everything you need before deciding to turn it in for the night. 

The 31-acre private island offers spectacular walks through typical Irish nature and the hotel itself is a relic to Ireland’s ancient past. 

With beautiful four-poster beds and the remnants of a great hall, this hotel is the perfect location for anyone who fancies a secluded break in a beautifully preserved castle. 

Kinnitty Castle Hotel

Kinnitty Castle Hotel (Kinnitty Castle Hotel, Facebook)

Kinnitty Castle Hotel (Kinnitty Castle Hotel, Facebook)

Steeped in history, this Offaly castle hotel is a must-visit. 

Originally built in the 13th century, the castle dates all the way back to Norman rule in Ireland. It has since been rebuilt and reimagined as a gothic revival castle and offers guests an unforgettable experience. 

Kinnitty Castle is set on a huge 650-acre plot of land at the foot of the Slieve Mountains in Offaly and guests can enjoy horse riding, nature walks and tennis. 

The antique-filled interior of the castle will make you want to make a second trip.

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Lough Eske Castle 

Lough Eske Castle (Lough Eske Castle, Facebook)

Lough Eske Castle (Lough Eske Castle, Facebook)

The restored 17th-century castle in Lough Eske, Donegal, is a gem on near Ireland’s north-western coast. 

The castle houses a pool and spa for guests looking to really kick back and relax and also offers spectacular views of the nearby lake from which the hotel gets its name. 

With towers and sprawling grounds, this castle will make you feel like you've taken a luxurious step back in time.

Dromoland Castle Hotel 

Dromoland Castle Hotel & Country Club (Dromoland Castle Hotel & Country Club, Facebook)

Dromoland Castle Hotel & Country Club (Dromoland Castle Hotel & Country Club, Facebook)

For those looking to live it up in one of Ireland’s most lavish hotels, Dromoland Castle Hotel in Newmarket on Fergus, County Clare, is the one for you. 

Like Lough Eske, the hotel is situated near the banks of a picturesque lake - Castle Lake - and offers guests the chance to explore the surrounding nature. 

The castle’s interior is faithfully restored and you will feel like you are living in an authentic 16th-century castle throughout the duration of your stay there. Guests can also enjoy a round of golf on the accompanying golf course. 

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Ballynahinch Castle 

Ballynahinch Castle (

Ballynahinch Castle (

Located on Ireland’s rugged west coast, Ballynahinch Castle in Galway might just boast the most beautiful location on this list. The hotel is situated near the banks of the Owenmore River and boasts stunning views of the waterfront. 

The castle’s interior is tastefully decorated with period-style furniture and provides an authentic experience of staying inside an old-fashioned castle. 

Castle Durrow 

Castle Durrow (Castle Durrow, Facebook)

Castle Durrow (Castle Durrow, Facebook)

More of a manor estate than a castle, Castle Durrow Hotel in Laois is as worthy of a place on this list as any other hotel. 

The hotel features a mix of traditional hotel rooms (situated in the 18th-century mansion) and a range of rooms located around the hotel’s beautiful rose garden, near the stables of the original manor. 

Castle Durrow is a renowned wedding venue but is also an ideal destination for tourists in search of elegance and luxury. 

Only a stone’s throw away from Dublin, you could do a lot worse than spending a few nights in Ireland’s midlands. 

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