Make sure you get the most out of your trip with our need to know guide 

If you're traveling to Ireland next year make sure you get the most out of your trip with our need to know guide.  

You can see a lot in one day

Are you staying in Dublin but want to see the Giants Causeway AND the Cliffs of Moher on your trip? That's doable. It's possible to book day trips to most of the main attractions from the capital, meaning you can settle down in one hotel and not have to move for the duration of your stay. And still, tick everything off your bucket list. 

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The people are friendly

The image of Ireland as the land of a thousand welcomes is well deserved. People are friendly, warm and always open to helping a tourist. Or just sitting over a whiskey and having the craic. If you're lost or looking for recommendations ask a local. And make sure to pop into a traditional pub during your stay to experience the real culture and maybe a session. 

The Wild Atlantic Way isn't technically a place

Have you heard all about the Wild Atlantic Way and want to visit during your trip? Then you should be told it's actually an entire coastline that stretches 2,500km and takes in nine counties. It's more a description than an actual place, which means it can be experienced at the same time as visiting other attractions. 

Golf is big in Ireland

Like really big. Ireland has some of the most beautiful golf courses in the world. And did you know that the island boasts a quarter of the world’s natural links courses? It's possible to rent clubs on most courses so why not work on your handicap while taking in beautiful scenery?

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The weather is unreliable

Very unreliable. The saying four seasons in one day could have been coined in Ireland, so dress in layers. Lots of layers. And make sure you have waterproof footwear, no matter when you visit. The grass is green because it rains. A lot! 

Ireland is home to some of the small screens greatest success stories

What do Game of Thrones, Vikings, Penny Dreadful and The Tudors have in common? They've all been filmed in Ireland. And once you visit one location you'll see why the dramatic landscape really lends itself to appearing on film. 

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