A new study has revealed the most searched travel destination in each American state, with Ireland the top vacation spot for three U.S. states.

The research, conducted by travel information site Places To Travel, analyzed Google Trends data to establish the top vacation destinations of each state throughout the nation.

The analysis revealed that Italy was the most popular travel destination in ten states, including New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Arizona.

Hawaii was found to be the second most searched travel destination across the nation, topping the searches of nine states, including New Jersey, California, Texas, Washington, and Alabama.  

Seven states had the Caribbean as their top-searched travel destination, including Tennessee, Louisiana, Oregon, Utah, and Nevada.

Bali, Japan, and Ireland came in joint fourth --  with each destination topping the searches in three states each.

Bali, Indonesia, was the most searched for in Arkansas, Kansas, and Mississippi, while Japan topped the searches in Florida, Georgia, and Colorado. 

Ireland was the top-searched travel destination of Indiana, New Hampshire, and North Dakota. 

Jason Wilson, CEO of Places to Travel shared some top tips for vacationers planning a trip to Ireland.

Ireland is famous for its unpredictable weather, with Wilson explaining: “Be prepared for rain, but don't let it dampen your spirits. The ever-changing skies often add to the dramatic beauty of the Irish landscapes, creating a unique and unforgettable travel experience.”

Greece and Mexico both come in at fifth place, each topping the searches in two states each. 

New Mexico and Maine both had Greece as their top-searched destination, while Mexico was the most popular with Oklahoma and Vermont.

Seven destinations make up the remainder of the top-searched destinations, with Banff, Dubia, France, Iceland, Norway, Scotland, and Switzerland each topping the searches in one state each.

Banff, Canada was the most searched destination in Michigan, while Delaware was seen to have Dubai as its most searched destination.

France topped the searches in Wyoming, Iceland topped the searches in South Carolina, and Norway was the most searched for destination in Wisconsin.

Scotland and Switzerland were the most searched destinations in Idaho and Maryland, respectively.

Wilson commented on the findings: “The study on travel brings to light interesting trends. It shows a variety of preferences across the nation, indicating diverse interests among Americans. From hot to cold climates, the findings highlight people's different choices regarding travel destinations.”

“It’s extremely important to do thorough research before traveling on vacation, from local customs, laws, and phrases in the native language, all the way through to the weather and climate at the time of vacation.”