Dublin has ranked as one of the most popular European cities for travelers to create and share videos on TikTok, according to a new study from Holidu.

Dublin landed at number 9 on the list with a staggering 5,600,000,000 TikTok views and 10.614 TikTok views per inhabitant, joining the rank of European cities that have become must-visit destinations for content creators and travel lovers alike.

The most popular European cities trending on TikTok were revealed by the holiday rental portal Holidu, which said the ranking was created based on the number of views of videos tagged with the corresponding city name on TikTok in April 2023. Views from more than 300 major European cities were considered. 

The overall most viewed cities in Europe were Barcelona, London, and Paris, while the rankings of views per inhabitant are led by Barcelona, Paris, and Manchester.

With over one billion active users, TikTok is one of the leading go-to sources of video content for people across the globe, and an increasing number of would-be travelers are using the social media platform to inspire their next vacation destination.

Crown Alley, Temple Bar, Dublin. Credit: Getty Images

Crown Alley, Temple Bar, Dublin. Credit: Getty Images

TheTop 10 Most Popular European Cities on TikTok:

  1. Barcelona - 65,461 TikTok views per inhabitant
  2. Paris - 29,368 TikTok views per inhabitant
  3. Manchester - 18,387 TikTok views per inhabitant
  4. Lyon - 18,119 TikTok views per inhabitant
  5. Stuttgart - 14,540 TikTok views per inhabitant
  6. Porto - 14,021 TikTok views per inhabitant
  7. Amsterdam - 12,047 TikTok views per inhabitant
  8. Marseille - 10,677 TikTok views per inhabitant
  9. Dublin - 10,614 TikTok views per inhabitant
  10. Bordeaux - 10,412 TikTok views per inhabitant

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