Winter in Ireland is shaping up to be especially severe this year; weather forecasters have confirmed an approaching easterly wind from Russia, now dubbed the “Beast from the East.”

Along with freezing temperatures as low as 14 degrees F and mighty winds at 62 mph, the Beast from the East is set to bring flooding as well, the Irish Mirror reported.

Weather experts in Ireland and the UK suggest gales and swathes of rain will begin next week and continue through December.

"A positive North Atlantic Oscillation means precipitation is more likely to be above average. Spells of wet and windy weather may be more frequent than is typical,” the UK’s met office said. While Ireland’s met office forecasts a week in advance, the UK’s forecasts one to three months in advance, and their predictions are usually an accurate look at Ireland’s weather as well.

While heavy rainfall and winds will be frequent November and December, January and February are likely to be the coldest months.

And if this means much to you, world famous Irish mentalist Keith Barry has predicted that “Ireland will have the heaviest snowfall in history this Christmas” among other predictions, like the Book of Kells being stolen and government action on water charges: