There’s a lot to be said for the Irish countryside in the fall. Fields and woods previously sporting 40 shades of green explode in color as the land prepares itself for winter.

Awash with magentas, ambers, chestnuts, and mahoganies, the view looks even more picture-perfect than usual.

Aerial Photography Ireland captured just a small snippet of what Fall in Ireland has to offer in this incredible aerial footage of Blarney Castle in Co. Cork.

Blarney is a medieval castle built over 600 years ago outside of Blarney town by one of Ireland’s greatest chieftains, Cormac McCarthy. As well as the well-preserved castle, visitors can explore the beautiful grounds full of their own history—the magical gardens, the mystical Rock Close, the Badger’s Cave, a dungeon, the spell-binding Witch’s Stone and kitchen, and the Wishing Steps, as well as small streams, brooks and a lake.

The castle is of course home to the famous Blarney Stone that attracts tourists from all over the world each year, all looking for the gift of the gab. The story behind the stone is much debated but one thing is for sure, anyone who plants a kiss on its flat, cold surface hovering high above the grounds in the castle’s battlements will acquire the gift of eloquence.

This Fall footage captures all the best parts of the castle and its grounds at one of our favorite times of year.

Yes, Ireland in the summer is beautiful but postpone your trip by just a few weeks and you can enjoy all of this …

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