If you’re ever experienced a summer in Dublin this artful video captures the happiness and carefree nature of the city, from bridge jumping to bicycling to picnics and more.

“The idea was simple - film Dublin, capturing the essence of what a Dublin summer is, our new culture, energy and happy summer life,” said Matthew Kirwan, who was part of the film crew on “Summer Days Drifting Away.”

“I hope it invokes some good feeling of summer past and lifts your soul on what is now a very prevalent winter season,” he said about the short video, which he created with a group of friends. It captures the booming cultural atmosphere of modern Dublin quite nicely, from sunrise to sundown.

The brand agency campaign Hedgehogs vs. Foxes are looking to spread this summer love through word of mouth so they can create more videos centering other Irish cities like Belfast, Cork, Limerick and Galway. Tell us what you think!