I told you so on Susan Boyle. Her naysayers were proclaiming her dead and buried. Now by some measurements she is more popular than Obama.

The tabloid writers who wrote her off after she failed to win "Britain’s Got Talent" will need to rewrite her obituary. Susan is back in style!

The Obama part of this is incredible. The White House had asked for prime time for a speech on health care on Wednesday but NBC refused because Susan is due to appear on America’s Got Talent - now that is pulling power for you.

Given that the media fall over Obama at every opportunity it is a remarkable sight to see them refuse him a prime time slot.

She will also be on the "Today" show on Wednesday morning and expect close-to-record ratings. Susan Boyle is a sleeper, a person with a vast audience, often undercounted by the media because they are not teenyboppers or tweens.

But, for a generation of middle-aged women especially, she is their Hannah Montana, an authentic star who like them is often ignored and misunderstood by the mass media.

Some around her seem seedy. Simon Cowell was snapped this week getting a lapdance in London - hardly adding to his reputation. Piers Morgan the other BGT judge was fired from two newspapers for transgressing editorial boundaries. Susan however, has stood the test of time and tabloid dirt-diggers so far

The fact that she is clearly very articulate in the NBC interview is an added bonus. It shows that much of the hype about her being impossible and very difficult is again tabloid fodder rather than reality.

Susan Boyle had a coming-out of sorts this week in America and we are starting to see the real woman emerge from behind the veil of speculation, gossip and often slander.

Just this week alone another cheap headline about her being offered $1 million to star in a porn movie got equal headlines in some places to her NBC debut.

Such is the media world we live in. But from the beginning Susan Boyle had that authentic ring to her that made he different.