Derek Jeter arrived in the Bronx on Saturday, June 2013 to begin practicing with the Yankees as he recovers from a twice broken ankle.

The New York Daily News reported that he said about his recovery, “Everything has been going as good as it can go up to this point.” He added, “So now it’s just a progression . . . Everything is moving in the right direction.” Jeter said he assumes the last step of his recovery will be running and sprinting, “considering I’ve done everything else.”

Jeter insisted on the return to the Bronx to break up his rehab in Tampa, Florida. He has been frustrated with his long recovery. He said about it, “It’s tedious. It’s difficult. It’s not fun. It’s a long process, you know, I mean I’ve been doing this since pretty much November (or) December. So I’m over it now, it’s just too long. The process has been too long.”

He injured his ankle in last year’s ALCS and aggravated it this spring.

Manager Joe Girardi said that having Jeter back to train with the Yankees is both helpful to the Yankees’ morale and good for Jetter. Girardi said, “Derek’s been a leader for a long time here. Derek is all about winning games. That’s what it’s always been about. So I think it’s important. But I also think it’s important for him to be around the team. Sometimes when you get stuck in Tampa for a while, you seem like you’re so far away.”

Girardi is training Jeter to be the team’s full time shortstop and Jeter will not return to the line-up in another position. Girardi said, “The thought process (in spring training) was we weren’t just going to activate him to be a DH. Our plan is to get him back as shortstop and that’s what he’s working towards.”

The Yankees won their game against the Rays 7-5 on Saturday, June 23, 2013.

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