Boxing authorities should re-evaluate the way in which amateur fights are scored and judged according to the three time World Amateur Boxing Champion, Katie Taylor.

The Irish womanlost out to a fairly out rageous decision  in the lightweight final of the Strandja Multi-Nations tournament in Bulgaria recently.

Despite the referee, ringside announcer and her aids were sure that Taylor had won her bout against Bulgarian Denica Eliseeva, however the ringside judges determined that Eliseeva had won by five points to one.

Speaking on Tuesday at the launch of a new Lucozade campaign in which she stars, Taylor said she the defeat did not bother her too much.

“Boxing can be a corrupt sport at times,” Taylor said. “You’re always depending on the judges around the ring to score the fight fairly.”

“When you’re up against a home boxer in one of those competitions, it’s always going to be hard to get the decision.

“I think the Bulgarians won every fight in the finals that day – they were beating Cubans, European Champions, everyone. It was just ridiculous really, the scoring throughout the whole competition was crazy. 

“People shouldn’t be allowed to judge fights if they’re not going to be fair,” she added. “They need to be suspended for it.”

Speaking about her preparation for the London Olympics, the 24-year-old said that she is aware there is no guarantee she will qualify.

“People seem to think it’s a foregone conclusion that I’ll be at the London Olympics, but I still have to qualify.”

The Bray woman added the pressure is something she has learnt to handle.

“The pressure doesn’t really get to me. There’s always going to be pressure when you go into any sort of competition.”

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