I want to make a bold prediction about Sheamus O'Shaughnessy of WWE.

I think he will be the next WWE world champion and that he will defeat John Cena in their world title match-up on Pay Per View on December 13.

The Wild Irishman has come from nowhere to become a major force in WWE. No one in recent memory has ever had such a rise so fast.

A few months ago he was in the WWE backwater of Florida, now he will step forward as the villain before millions of fans on December 13 and dethrone Cena.

The reason is because this 6 foot 6 inches red-haired Irishman has what it takes to be a global figure in wrestling. With 40 million Irish Americans in America he is set for a great career.

Vince McMahon, a great Irishman himself is no fool when it comes to promotion. In fact there is no one better. He knows that a Celtic Warrior is just what his franchise needs right now.

Sure, John Cena is a great star but the Irishman is like a Mickey Rourke figure from "The Wrestler," someone who has a great back story and unlike Mickey a great future ahead of him.

Sure Cena may be a rap star and a movie star, as well as a wrestler, but the hot-blooded
Irishman will get all those female fan pulses racing, as well as come across as a true tip top fighting machine to all his male followers.

So you read it here first. O'Shaughnessy in December will be the man to remember. Cena is a has-been.