Padraig Harrington will win the Masters. Despite what he might say, Harrington is best as an Irish underdog and that is the status he enjoys heading into today's round.

When I spoke to him at the White House a few weeks back on St.Patrick's Day where we both attended a presidential reception Harrington was brimming with confidence.

He was also clearly very happy all the attention was on Tiger Woods who Harrington believes would have to be a complete superstar to win after such a long absence and the incredible media pressure.

That is no small thing. Harrington is no fan of Woods despite what the public statements are. Neither are very many on tour who have always found him arrogant and unapproachable. If Tiger wins after such a long lay off he makes every other pro golfer look bad.

Harrington does not want that at any cost.

Harrington is heading into the Masters in a determined mood. He is a a mood player, a guy who can complicate something a simple as winning three majors by then changing his swing because he's not happy.

Last year was a huge wake up call for him in that regard and by the end of the year stopped experimenting and played with the old Harrington clinical efficiency.

Watch him this week in Augusta. The old Harrington is back and I predict a victory

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