Ever notice that Irish coaches make the best Super Bowl coaches?

Patrick Sean Payton was just the latest in a string of big winning coaches who share an Irish heritage.
He is actually called after a famous Irish priest called Father Patrick Peyton.

Tom Coughlin of the Giants, of course, was king a few years back. He is as proud an Irishman as they come, making the Irish America Magazine Top 100 list a few years ago.
Then there was Mike Shanahan with the Denver Broncos and now with the Redksins. He had the magic touch too.
Before that was Bill O'Shea, known to you as Bill Parcels, who was adopted by the Parcells family as a child.
Parcells is probably the most influential coach in the past decade, like Bill Walsh who was the greatest in his day in terms of creating imitators and innovators.
Of all Super Bowl coaches, Bill Walsh who took a 2-14 San Francisco 49er team in his first year and made them four times Super Bowl champions (Okay George Seifert coached the last one but it was Walsh's team) may well have been the greatest coach since Lombardi.
Even Vince would have been impressed.
Then there are the wannabe coaches such as Rex Ryan of The New York Jets whose team took a giant stride this year towards being Super Bowl contenders and John Fox at Carolina who has also graced the big stage without wining the Super Bowl itself.
What do the Irish bring?Undoubtedly the ability to communicate as well as keep discipline. Kind of like what the priests and nuns used to do when you think about it.
After Payton's victory the church of Irish coached Super Bowl winners looks set to keep enlarging its numbers.