Welcome to Sports Central.

As the name implies this blog is going to be the center of all sports on irishcentral.com. My name is Cian Fahey and I'll be contributing to this blog on a very regular basis with constant articles and reports(or in other words me ranting and raving about all kinds of everything)

The very nature of this blog is to cover all types of sports so I will also cover all types of articles.

Over the coming months(and hopefully years) you can expect;
-Match Previews
-Match Reports
-General reports
-Opinion pieces
-Deep analysis articles
-Sports Features

The first article I am going to kick the blog off with is a marathon effort analyzing the New England Patriots and how they can be beaten.

Any comments or suggestions are widely welcome should you have any ideas for the blog. If you comment at the bottom, I will check back and take any constructive criticism on board.

Any derogatory comments or abusing of me will also be read however please make your comments entertaining and put a bit of thought into it, otherwise you're just wasting my time. *All comments of this kind will be deleted in conjunction with the rules of irishcentral.com*

Anyway, I look forward to writing articles like Blake Griffin dunks; often, emphatically and causing you all to cheer at your computer screens whenever you see one coming(You know, set the bar low so nobody expects too much from you!).

Have a great Holiday Everyone!