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Brian Kelly should replace Charlie Weis as Notre Dame coach.

That is the only conclusion I can reach after Weis once again failed to defeat USC, his fifth such loss to them.

Weis was unlucky, but luck has its own way of working out.

A few years ago against USC it was the Bush Push, when Reggie Bush was helped over the line by a teammate that defeated Weis' team.

Yesterday it was poor play-calling and a porous defense in the third quarter that cost Notre Dame.

Weis has had enough chances - let's get Brian Kelly.

The Massachusetts native (48) has turned the Cincinnati program around in astonishing style, leading them to a first ever Big East title last year.

This year Cincinnati are contenders and give every appearance that they will win the title again.

Notre Dame should try and snap up Kelly before they let another great coach go.

Remember Urban Meyer? How could we forget. He was an assistant coach at Notre Dame under Tyrone Willingham, and now he's the best coach in football.

Let’s not make the same mistake again. Brian Kelly is the obvious successor.

Weis is done. His team is 4-2 and headed for a minor bowl game.

Notre Dame will never be a national power under him because, simply put, his teams cannot play defense.

The third quarter yesterday was an embarrassment. The secondary looked like they were playing high school ball against NFL players.

Sure, they rallied in the fourth quarter but it was all too familiar. Yet another loss to USC, our eighth in a row.

Weis has to go and Kelly should replace him.