The group stages of Euro 2012 finished tonight, as England 'beat' the Ukraine 1-0 (we all saw that ball cross the line, FIFA and UEFA better stick their heads in the sand again!) and Sweden stunned France 2-0. In the relatively meaningless latter game (Sweden were out no matter what), Zlatan Ibrahimovic may have scored the goal of the tournament.

Judge for yourself, but his beautiful, crisp volley, executed at speed with the clinical precision of an assassin, might be hard to top.

Whatever about the goal itself, the marvelous commentary is worth hearing on its own. Any commentator that excitedly yells 'Abracababra Sweden!' is OK with this column.

Of course, he will have to do this a few times to come close to topping the all time greatest European Championships goal, and one of the greatest goals ever scored. Step forward, Mr. Marco Van Basten.

Hard to see anyone topping that, however we do have a fabulous knock out round to look forward to, and as 'Ibracadabra' showed tonight for Sweden, anything is possible!

Isn't this just one of the greatest tournaments you have ever seen?

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