There are so many things that are just wrong in this world. Bruce Jenner’s hair.  One percent of the population of the United States is hoarding 50 percent of the wealth in same.  The most popular singer in the world is an imbecilic, dangerous brat. In most of the USA an adult can’t place a bet legally, but they can purchase an automatic weapon.

Go figure.

Perhaps worst of all, perhaps more wrong than anything, Eli has more rings than Peyton.

That’s right, there has to be some serious Karmic imbalance going on when Eli Manning is in possession of one more Super Bowl ring than his infinitely more talented older brother Peyton.  Thankfully that cosmic imbalance will be somewhat set straight come Sunday night when Peyton Manning leads the Broncos to victory in the Super Bowl.

First things first, let’s squash any controversy right away – Denver will take the spoils against Seattle and their much vaunted defence. Does anyone outside of Seattle actually think otherwise? Anyone who is also fully aware of the fact that Pete Carroll is coaching the Seahawks? Anyone who realizes that, whatever about the defensive battle, we’re talking a Hall Of Fame QB against a guy who still looks like he belongs in school (Russell Wilson)?

So once we’re all comfortable with this fact, that Manning will be taking ring numero dos come Sunday night, we can start looking at where this would logically leave Manning in the list of greatest quarterbacks ever.

Yes, Manning has been working on his legacy for quite some time now, and yes, even if he doesn’t get the ring come Sunday, he will still be one of the greatest to ever play the game. However, should he lead his Broncos to victory in New York, he will catapult right to the top of the discussion as to who is the greatest quarterback to play the game.

By greatest we mean the most successful.

There’s no doubt Manning is successful.

He’s a five time NFL MVP. He has been voted to the Pro Bowl 13 times. He has, thus far, one Super Bowl ring and one Super Bowl MVP award.

Again, let’s move forward in this discussion safe in the knowledge that he will have a second ring by Monday morning next. Suddenly the above résumé looks a lot glossier, with the addition of that extra ring.

Let’s have a look at the top 5 NFL Quarterbacks of all time, with a spoiler alert attached, yes, Manning and his two rings (Remember, we’re handing him the title ahead of Sunday’s game) are in there, but where, exactly?

Number 5: Roger Staubach.

The Cowboys legend became a great despite missing the first four seasons of his NFL career to service in the Navy following graduation from the Naval academy. Roger led Dallas to 9 straight winning seasons and, crucially, 2 Super Bowl wins.

Number 4: Terry Bradshaw

Say what you want about the Pittsburgh legend, but the fact is you can’t argue with 4 Super Bowl rings. His regular season QB rating was never that glittering, but when it came to the big game, he had (and has) very few peers.

Number 3:  Peyton Manning

Two Super Bowl rings and the single greatest season statistically in NFL history.

Number 2: Tom Brady

How it is even a debate is a mystery. Whatever about the 5 Super Bowls and the 3 big wins. Whatever about the longest win streak in NFL history (21), whatever about the 4,806 yards and a record 50 touchdowns in 2007. Whatever about the most wins in his first 100 starts (76) and the fact that he has never ever had a losing season. Perhaps most of all, Brady led his team past all comers to the only 16-0 regular season in the modern NFL. Perhaps no one will ever do that again. Number 2 with authority.

Number 1: Joe Montana

4 for 4 in the big one.  3 MVPs and a QB rating of 127.8. The greatest.

So there he is, number 3 on our all-time QB list. Have a different opinion? Nice. That’s what our comment section is for. Fill it up with your list. One thing is sure, after Manning takes ring number 2 Sunday, we bet you will find it hard to leave him out of your top 5.