The New York Post and other are ‘reporting’ that Derek Jeter is giving out gift baskets to the women who stay for sleepovers at his exclusive home. We’re suitably intrigued. 

Derek Jeter

First things first, we often drop a little sarcasm on your here in 'From the bleachers', and we have occasionally tried to sneak a couple of fake stories past you, our lovely readers, however we bring you this one in all truth and honesty, despite the fact it seems exactly as if it were in our sarcastic wheel-house.

You might expect the following headline in a newspaper in Boston or anywhere else that has a strong anti New York Yankee fan-base, however for a New York paper to print this is, to say the least, a little odd. We give you one of the lead headlines in the NY Post today; 

Jeter gives autograph swag to one-night stands

Someone get on to the good people at The Pulitzer Awards, tell them to hold on to the 2013 votes until this story plays out. The Post reports that since Yankee legend Derek Jeter split from Minka Kelly he has been entertaining a proportionately large number of ladies in his ‘Trump World Tower bachelor pad’. It is debatable whether this on its own would constitute news even on a slow day however add the fact that apparently the ladies go home with a Derek Jeter gift basket and suddenly we are on to something.

Funniest exposé within has to be the fact that Jeter lost count at one stage and gave one lucky young lady the gift basket twice, forgetting she had indeed been an earlier conquest. We’re guessing that amongst the Jeter groupie posse this might be known as ‘doubling-up’.

What we are most curious about, apart from the question as to why any superstar would want to play in New York and have to deal with the back stabbing vampires journalists in the Post, is what on earth makes up the contents of a Derek Jeter ‘Thank-You’ gift basket? The only element we are sure about, confirmed by the Posts’s crack team of reporters, is a Derek Jeter autographed baseball.

Apart from that, what are we talking here? Breath mints? Deodorant? A mouth wash? A complimentary 10% off your next Pizza at Jeter’s favourite Pizzeria, Ninos?

Jeter’s Irish mother would no doubt be proud of her generous son

At the end of the day, when all is said and done, next time you are purchasing an autographed Derek Jeter baseball on the Internet, just remember how much effort went into obtaining that little gem.

Yankees gift basket - throw in a breath mint and you have a Jeter gift basket

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