Did you know, there had not been a hard hit in the NFL until approximately two weeks ago, when mainstream sporting media started to report a wild increase in knee wobbling, jaw breaking smack downs? Facetiousness aside, going by the usual as-restrained-as-a-carpet-bombing-campaign portrayal by the media, you would think hard hits were a brand new phenomenon.

How is it the average Joe Punter NFL fan was not aware of these hits until about a week ago? Basically because many of those covering the NFL think we, as fans, are that stupid.

Thanks largely to the Goldfish like attention span of 'the Internet', controversial topics reported in the sporting media explode like a cluster bomb, and then disappear faster than an Irish property investor during a recession. Mark it down now, we are T-Minus a week or so until everybody forgets this whole helmet to helmet thing.

Why is it so easy to say that? The large proportion of the NFL reporting media do not give anything even approaching a damn about the actual issue. They are instead simply regurgitating what they see as the current zeitgeist and warbling on about it like trained seals until it isn’t fashionable to talk about it anymore.

Think of the sporting media as a bunch of Hollywood movie producers. On the large part, with some notable and noble exceptions, they do not have a single unique and or original idea between them. They simply re-hash stories that are popular at the time. ‘’Vampire movies are hot? I have an idea, let’s make a vampire movie!’’

The sporting media are guilty of the same copy-cat behaviour. They do not actually care one iota about violent hits and the repercussions they have, they are simply jumping on the bandwagon and running with the same story everyone else is.

The evidence that they care not? It’s all around us.

Anybody watch the Steelers/Saints game last night? At one stage The NBC’s Chris Collinsworth talked giddily over a repeated replay of a horrendous hit on Lance Moore of the Saints. As he giggled like a particularly vapid twelve year old school girl, he joked that Moore would be unresponsive to questions regarding his name, he joked that he would probably reply ‘Moore, Lance’. In other words, he was saying concussion is funny.

An Emmy award winning, much respected NFL commentator, joking about concussion at the tail end of a deluge of reporting on the same topic. This points to a few things. First, the NFL commentary teams don’t really care about violent hits, in fact they still quite enjoy them. Secondly, time is almost up on the dangerous hits stories.

Those stories should be completely gone in oh, about a week or so, cleared off the news pages like unwanted trash, and we can all go back to talking about Tom Brady’s hair, until the next controversy erupts.