Kind of odd timing on New England Patriot’s trigger man Tom Brady’s latest endorsement deal.

Just a handful of days prior to the Jet’s Superbowl, and the Patriots second biggest game of the year (the Colts game was undoubtedly the Patriots biggest game and or challenge in this regular season), Brady has announced he is to endorse, well, basically, a type of women’s boot.

Just to get things straight, although UGGs are primarily known as a women’s brand, Brady is being signed up to market the men’s section of same. Everybody (including us in the above headline!) is going to focus on the UGGS aspect, but we should set the record straight. Deckers, the good people who bring you UGGS, make men's boots, slippers, and casual shoes and started as a men's brand among California surfers. Obviously Deckers decided they had an image problem in the States and the answer to that will be Tom Brady. As they said in a press release;
“We have decided that we needed to just get the word out there that it’s a brand for guys, give guys permission to wear UGG. And who better to give guys permission to wear UGG than … Tom Brady.”
Nevertheless, there is bound to be a backlash against this seemingly very feminine endorsement.

Several years ago Brady took part in a GQ photo shoot where he held a baby goat in his arms. To say he was absolutely destroyed by his teammates after that one would be an enormous understatement. There were rumours his offensive line arranged for a goat to be waiting at his locked after practice. It should be very interesting to see what his Sunday bodyguards come up with this time.

Hey man, can you get me a deal on some UGGs?

Whatever about the decidedly feminine slant to this endorsement, Brady does run the risk of becoming over exposed, his team only recently announced a huge deal with under armour.

Not all the initial feedback on this has been negative or derisory. One fashion piece wrote this morning that ‘’UGGs are overpriced, ugly, and pathetically trendy, but as fashion artifacts, they’re impressively gender-neutral.’’

Oh boy, so Brady is now seen as gender-neutral? Can we get a comment from James Harrison or Dwight Freeney on this?

What does it all boil down to? When all is said and done, this is the type and style of life the Brady’s (Tom and his super model wife Giselle) are going to lead, and it is up to Patriots fans to get comfortable with it. There are some online publications giving this story a decidedly negative slant, however it’s simply not our business. It’s Brady’s business, literally. Ask yourself, whatever line of work you are in, if someone offered you millions to endorse something, how many tenths of a second would it take for you to accept?

The only question at all is in regards the timing. Might have been better to leave this announcement until after this weekend big game.

What next for Brady? Crocs? Actually scratch that, Brett Favre has already got that covered. As Robert Goulet would say, ‘’Little inside, I know!’’

‘’Little inside, I know!’’