As Major League Baseball trade deadline approaches, one potential deal stands out beacon like for the Boston Red Sox. Get Jose Reyes. Get him now. The assorted pieces just fit. Almost perfectly. The Mets are in that dreaded re-tooling phase. Boston needs a shortstop in the short and long term. Boston has the pieces to trade. It makes personal sense for Reyes, and finally, Boston would be building an Optimus Prime like juggernaut.

The Mets are clearly rebuilding for the future. They have traded their All Star closer, they are exploring other trade options too, and look ready to pull the trigger on basically any kind of a decent deal, particularly one that cuts payroll and or brings in ‘prospects’ in return.

Boston has the pieces to trade, including a plethora of starting pitching (Andrew Miller has already done enough to show prospective ‘buyers’ that he can be effective, particularly in the pitching friendly confines of the National League) and of course perennial prospect/project Jose Iglesias. Much as we all love the excitement a prospect brings, ask yourself Red Sox fans, who would you rather see at short, Iglesias or Reyes? There’s only one logical answer.

From Reyes point of view, why waste any more of your career playing for an owner who doesn’t appreciate you? Only a month ago Mets owner Fred Wilpon insulted basically his entire roster, including Reyes, in a toxic rant that brought attention on the Mets for all the wrong reasons. The club just looked disorganized and rudderless in the wake of the idiotic owners comments. Why should Reyes break a sweat for Wilpon, when all he gets in return is inane, thinly veiled insults?

Reyes would slot in beautifully in Boston. Tito Francona would be left with an enviable ‘problem’ of how to fit the speed of Reyes, Ellsbury and Crawford into a Boston lineup that would dominate not just the AL East but all of baseball for years. Can you imagine a one, two three of Ellsbury, Reyes and Gonzalez, with Pedroia and Crawford slotting in behind them. When David Ortiz finals hangs up his cleats, Gonzalez would move to the four hole, meaning Pedroia or Gonzalez could now bat third. The permutations are as numerable as they are sexy.

It would appear that Jose Reyes, one of the most exciting players in all of baseball, is out there for the right deal. The Red Sox should get a jump on the Yankees, the Rays and all the other Big Guns, and throw a Godfather deal at the Mets. Get Jose Reyes into that shortstop position at Fenway, then put your feet up and watch the runs score at an astronomical rate.



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