The New England Patriots have snapped up former Jets backup quarterback Tim Tebow. Let the circus begin. 

Tom Brady and Tim Tebow - the odd couple
There are some who thought this would be a relatively quiet stepping stone like season in New England. The defense would grow up a little more, and Josh McDaniels would have another season to gel with Brady and the offence, perhaps leading to a stronger title challenge in 2014/2015. Well, with the acquisition of Tim Tebow, the Patriots ‘13/’14 season is going to be anything but quiet.

If anything, it will be probably as close to circus like as the astounding 2007/2008 season, and all that went on therein.

What will be extremely interesting is to read, hear and see the first few interviews with Tom Brady, to try and judge how he might be taking this very interesting addition to the New England Patriots roster.

Basically Brady might be looking at the acquisition of Tebow from two angles.

First and probably most likely, he will welcome the addition and tout the party line about how the team comes first and so forth. He might actually enjoy a small portion of the attention usually deluged on his shoulders being diverted instead to the Tebow circus. He might see the move as beneficial in a number of ways.

Secondly, and more worryingly for Patriots fans, Brady might be annoyed. Watch closely to see if his interview responses are a little more taut, staged and or barbed in the next few days. Brady might have been hoping for a relatively quiet off-season, leading into a business like, professional attack on the Superbowl. Brady takes the off-season training sessions very seriously and will no doubt bristle at any distraction that occurs.

Brady’s reaction should be watched closely, but, apart from that, there are so many story lines attached to this incredible development. The most glaring is of course, what will the Patriots do with Tebow? Where will he line up? Bear in mind, Tebow, assuming he makes the cut, will be playing for a coach who once deployed Troy Brown as a defensive back, and had Randy Moss in on defence on hail-Mary type situations. In short, a coach who isn't afraid to think outside the box. Way outside, in fact.

Belichick won’t hesitate to roll the dice with Tebow either. Once again assuming he makes the team, can you really bet against Belichick using Tebow on the goal line against the Jets, just because he can (and, it’s the Jets)?

You have to wonder just how much a part of the fact that the Jets failed to find a use for Tebow drove the decision behind bringing him to New England. There is no doubt about it, Belichick has a mischievous streak beneath that hoody, and would no doubt love to have Tebow run in a meaningless touchdown at the end of a rout the next time the Patriots play the Jets.

Whether it gets to that point is anyone’s guess, however, the next couple of months of Patriots training camp reports have instantly become must-read material.

Hey, if anything, this deluge of Tebow mania gives us five seconds breathing room from the usual barrage of LeBron dirge on ESPN.

Small mercies, right?

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