It’s official. The NFL owns the USA. Well, it at least owns bragging rights to ‘most watched sport on television’. It is the King of TV. It is an inflated, wrecking ball of a  Godzilla sized monster. How can we say this with such authority? The website Sports Media Watch has compiled the ratings for the 50 most-viewed sports telecasts of the first half of 2012. The NFL is all over it like white on rice. It’s not even close.

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Perennial Piñata The Pro Bowl had almost as many viewers as the most important date in Nascar (although, that’s not really fair because, well, Nascar involves driving around in circles and even the Pro Bowl is more exciting than that)

The figures are staggering. The twelve top watched sporting events belonged to the NFL. Of course, these figures reflect the relative isolationist view of the US sports media when talking about sports and viewing figures.

An estimated 350 million people watched the Chelsea v Bayern Munich Champions League final in 2012.

Even the NFL dreams of figures like that.


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