The New York Jets annual implosion is happening a little early this season. The New York Daily News and ESPN are both reporting major commentary coming out from both named and anonymous Jets players, all basically coming down on the side of the incumbent in the Jets’ QB controversy. The comments are pretty shocking in their openly derisive slant towards Tim Tebow in particular, although they also verbally assault the Jets’ receivers.

The fact of the matter is though, this is all just noise.  Why is the New York Daily News writing a hatchet piece about Tim Tebow? Why is ESPN gleefully getting in on the act? Is it a clumsy attempt at distracting the public from the ugly truth, that it doesn’t matter what people think about the backup QB, the New York Jets are absolutely awful

They are 3-6 and fading faster than Rex Ryan’s waistline. Mark Sanchez is playing absolutely horrible football, with a league-low 52% completion rate and league-high four red-zone interceptions. What’s the point in focusing on the backup QB?

The comments are surprisingly inflammatory (although, at this stage, should we be surprised by anything coming out of the Jets locker room?)

“He’s terrible,” a defensive starter told the Daily News. Both offensive and defensive players said that they hadn’t noticed any improvement in Tebow’s quarterback skills in practice. Left guard Matt Slauson didn’t even bother staying anonymous. He made it clear that Sanchez is the Jets’ best quarterback. “It’s not even close,” Slauson said. “All the other quarterbacks know it. I have all the confidence in Mark. We don’t really have a choice.” When asked about the team’s two other quarterbacks on the depth chart as possible alternatives — Tebow and Greg McElroy — Slauson said again that the Jets have only one backup quarterback. “We have Greg . . . and we have an athlete,” Slauson said. In reference to the wildcat formation “We can’t win running that sh--,” one player said. On and on it went “Now we’re depending on miracles?” a member of the organization said. “You can’t play that way.” Does anyone want Tebow as the starter? Anyone on the Jets at all?  “Nobody,” a member of the team said.

It’s not only Tebow who is under attack “Look at some of the players he’s throwing to,” a Jets official said. “It’s garbage.” Said another Jets source: “I’ve seen better receiving corps in college than we have on our team.”

Here’s then thing, whatever about those crazily open, aggressive comments, forgetting completely for a second how outrageously damning they are towards Tebow, imagine for a second the impact those comments have on what’s left of the Jets' confidence within the locker room. You think Tebow wants to work with these guys going forward? Perhaps more importantly, how do you think the Jet’s wide receiver corps are going to react to such blatantly coercive internal criticism?

Not well, would be the obvious answer to that.

This team is an absolute mess. There is absolutely no sense of cohesion or a plan or any kind of stability. It is a train wreck and it is about to go off the tracks. The New York Jets are blowing themselves apart a little early this season, and the explosion that’s causing the drama is coming from within.

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