The Nebraska Cornhuskers will be getting all sorts of Karma points for this classy act, where they organised for 7 year old cancer patient Jack Hoffman to score a touchdown in their spring training game

Jack Hoffman takes the field with the Nebraska football team

The Nebraska Cornhuskers turned a regular spring training game into something special, with a classy act that deserves every second of the positive exposure and discussion it is getting.  By now over 4 million people have viewed the incident on YouTube and 7-year-old Jack Hoffman has become a household name.

Late in the spring game, the Nebraska coach called a timeout, and out onto the field trotted little Jack wearing adorable, tiny football pads and a miniature No. 22 jersey. Hoffman stumbled around a little at first, but suddenly got a surge of confidence and zipped into the end zone, with a convoy of excited blockers to the side and in front of him. As he scored the TD, he was mobbed by both offensive and defensive players, and coaches too, and the huge crowd went crazy.

Do yourself a favour, brighten up your day by watching Jack on his epic rumble into the endzone below.

All too often even the most well intentioned of events like this can look staged and stale. The players and coaches of Nebraska deserve high praise for pulling this off with such total abandon and investment. The players and coaches really threw themselves into this fully, and it shows.

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