Every now and then this column likes to usher it's loyal readers in the direction of 'can't miss' value in terms of who's going to win what in the glorious little World of sports we all love so much. This is one of those times. The NBA is shaping up nicely for 2013, with basically six teams separating themselves from the pack and announcing their intentions to win the title. The Heat are winning games seemingly without breaking sweat, although they are under enough pressure that Dwayne Wade has started kicking opponents in the groin. Oklahoma look good again, as does anyone who has Kevin Durant in their squad, while the Lakers, Knicks and Spurs are obviously also contenders to some degree.

The LA Clippers however provide perhaps the most fascinating value to punters looking to get in on the NBA title or just Western title action. Now, let's print a Blake Griffin sized disclaimer here, we're not saying 'The Clippers will definitely win the NBA title' - what we are saying is, they represent serious value to do same!

The Clippers just tick a lot more boxes than many of those ahead of them in the current NBA betting. Form? Yes Sir, the Clippers are in seriously good form. They are just finished a 17 game winning streak where they routinely pounded the opposition into the court. With a winning percentage of .781 they are just behind Oklahoma and ahead of everyone else in terms of pure wins.

 The Clippers 17 game win streak

Statistically the Clippers are in fine shape. They rank 4th in the NBA in scoring while also ranking 7th overall in terms of giving up buckets, which is a nice balance. What this column loves about them most is they are 3rd in the NBA in assists, which means they are sharing the rock around, and, as we all know, sharing is caring!

They are young as a team, far younger than, for example, the Lakers, who Kob Bryant just called 'old' (no, seriously, he did). Their superstars are mostly all very young, including perhaps the brightest star, Blake Griffin. They are also, to date, healthy, unlike some of the other squads that are already breaking down through injury. Youth would stand well to them as the playoffs approach and the stamina of NBA players is tested.

Finally, the Clippers represent serious value.

For whatever reason, their form, talent and youth have not attracted the attention of the Vegas wise guys as yet, by and large. You can get the Clippers to win the NBA at 10/1 and to win the West at 5/1 still. Put that up against, for example, the Lakers, who are currently an obscenely poor value at 7/1, and you see what we are getting at.

Look, the Clippers are a young, talented and progressive sort, and right now the bookmakers haven't adjusted fully to them as yet. The 10/1 to win the NBA and the 5/1 to win the West represent super value to anyone that way inclined.

Grab either or indeed both, drop $5 of your hard earned wages on them and enjoy play like this, as you ride the value hopefully all the way to the title and the bank.

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