You have to wonder, what on earth are the Miami Marlins doing? Stunning MLB news today as it is starting to break that the LA Dodgers have landed Hanley Ramirez and his very, very big bat in a several-player-deal that is heavily weighted in the Dodgers favour. At first glance it would appear Miami might be in the middle of a big salary (and talent) dump, the deal is that lopsided.

If you recall, the Marlins dumped every decent part of its roster after World Series wins in '97 and '03, this time round they would appear to have forgotten to win the series before dumping its roster.

The ugliest part of this is the Marlins front office is now going to attempt to sneakily assasinate Ramirez around baseball by releasing thinly veiled hints in regards club house chemistry and so on. I am not buying it, what about all those goofy pro-Marlins promos we were force fed where Ramirez horsed around with Reyes and other Marlins, apparently one big happy family? Now it suits the front office to hide behind these 'character' stories we are already starting to see on Hanley. I call bullshit. They are trying to distract us from the stink of their latest fire sale by distributing misinformation.

The big winners? Obviously the Dodgers. Get the nicknames ready, their nasty murderers row of Kemp, Ethier and Ramirez has the potential to pplay wrecking ball on opposition pitching staffs for a very long, productive and successful time. Who the hell do you pitch to amongst that trio? You could legitimately say the Dodgers are suddenly serious World Series contenders, and that's exciting for Dodger fans all over the world.

Not so much a good time to be a Marlins fan. They couldn't have timed this obvious fire sale any worse. Their gaudy new ballpark is now shorn of several key parts, not just Ramirez but also Omar Infante and Anibal Sanchez. The word on the street is they are going to dump Josh Johnson too, which leaves us all to just scratch our heads and wonder, who on earth is planning things down in Miami?

The Marlins are an absolute train wreck.

Let's finish on a positive note. The Dodgers are 10/1 to win the National League and 18/1 to win the World Series. If Ramirez slots right in and starts bashing away, those are both very good value prices, so grab 'em while you can!

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