No, this is not another installment of the popular JK Rowling book, or movie. This is even odder. You may have noticed pictures of Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe celebrating with the Dublin GAA Minor (Junior) team doing the rounds on the net last night and thought to yourself, ‘Nah, that’s not Harry Potter! He’s too small, and besides, what would he be doing drinking with the Dubs?!’

The crazy thing is, it’s all true!

Taking a jab-step back for a second, a little context. On Sunday 23rd ‘The Dubs’ as they are affectionately known captured their first minor title since 1984 beating neighbours Meath by 14 points to 8. Naturally the celebration lasted a while, until the small hours in fact. Let’s turn to Dublin player Niall Walsh who wrote on his Facebook page: "Walkin down Grafton Street round 3ish bump into Harry Potter head gone lookin for the party, get few pics, get our wands out for quick leak then into a taxi to Capt David Byrnes for the after-sesh."

Beautifully put.

We think that translates to; ''We were walking down Grafton Street at  3 am in the morning when we chanced upon movie star Daniel Radcliffe who was looking for a party in which to be part of. We took pictures with the young man and then urinated on the street. We then took a taxi to a late night party in the home of our team Captain, a Mr David Byrne''

Radcliffe apparently hit it off with the boys and joined them for the house party, and if you take a peek at our headline snap (click on it to view it in it's entire glory) you will note the clock indicates the party was a Lionel Ritchie joint, as in, all night long. Radcliffe is in Ireland filming a movie, and as you can see from the below snaps, apparently is enjoying his time on the Emerald Isle.

Click individual snaps to enlarge. 

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