World Series champion San Francisco based team consider new name options less wildly racist than ‘Chinatown Yellow-Faces’ as country continues to be divided by Redskins debate. Other equally racist-named teams also considering change. 

Redskins lids and logos - not racist? Sure, as long as you are OK with teams called 'The Yellow-Faces' or 'The Black-Faces'.

A D.C. City Councilman David Grosso, independent, plans to introduce a resolution to the council declaring that no one in the district should have to tolerate "derogatory terminology relating to any people's racial identity," adding that the Redskins name "dishonors the name Washington." Grosso said he has the support among fellow council members and that "it's time to make a change."

The Redskins are of course not the only professional sports team in the United States with an openly racist nickname. The San Francisco MLB World Champion 'Chinatown Yellow-Faces' are one of the better known teams with a similarly racist nickname, and the NBA of course has the ‘Brooklyn Black Faces’.

The Yellow-Faces are famous for their baseball cap logo, which is simply a silhouette of Bruce Lee wearing what appears to be a kimono. The Brooklyn Black-Faces logo appears to be another Jerry West-like silhouette depicting in this case Beyonce kneeling at and hugging Jay Z’s right leg, with a bag of an unknown substance in one hand and a smoking glock pistol in her other hand.

People have been so wrapped up and indeed invested in the fervent, vociferous debate around the Redskins disgracefully racist name, that no one has paid any attention to the tiny interest groups that are trying to get the Yellow-faces and the Black-Guys names changed also. It would appear as if the names and also logos have simply been accepted, as demonstrated by the millions of fans of both teams that attend games wearing Yellow-Face and Black-Guys logos.

However, many fans of the Yellow-Faces in particular are disgusted at the prospect of a politically correct name change, and have been voicing their opinions loudly on FOX News. Walter Sobchak, a military veteran and semi-professional bowler, interviewed in a coffee shop, pounded the counter of same with his fists and declared ‘I didn’t watch my buddies die face down in the mud in Nam so some lefty, liberal, PC freak could go changing the names of the team my Dad, Grandad and great Grandaddy supported!’

Sobchak is a member of the lobbying group called ‘Yellow-Faces forever’ which is fighting to keep the racially insensitive name attached to the San Francisco team. ‘’What was it Robert Griffin said, we are all slaves to the tyranny of political correctness?! Dude couldn’t have been more right’’.

Robert Griffin Jnr was, of course, traded last night to the ‘Savannah Slaves’, the new expansion NFL team from Georgia, who’s logo is another Jerry West type silhouette, this time a pre-Civil war chain gang, working in what appears to be a cotton field.

We have reached out to the Griffin camp to see if he still holds on to the same ideal that political correct left wing types are ruining his freedoms.

We shall, as always, keep you posted.

Town-hall meeting of the group ‘Yellow-Faces forever’ showing solidarity with racist Redskins logo fans

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