Friday night in Texas the Rangers lost a ball game, 9-5 to the White Sox, a team that is ripping it up since its marquee addition of Kevin Youkilis earlier in July. The White Sox are beating all comers since they added the Greek God Of Walks.  That alone should have softened the blow of losing for Rangers fans. The same Rangers who are the highest scoring team in baseball (ahead of the Red Sox in second). The same Rangers who are 58-41 and possess the fourth best record in all of Major League Baseball.

The very same Texas Rangers who have won the last two AL pennants, and have competed in the last two World Series. Some still think they were unlucky to lose last years.

Amazingly, despite all of the above, on Friday night Josh Hamilton was roundly booed by his home fans, Texas Rangers 'fans'. Hamilton struck out in a key moment in the 5th inningand the 'boos' rained down from the Texas stands.

Those Texas fans who chose to 'Boo' their marquee player, a player who some would say is possibly the greatest player in Major League Baseball right now, should be absolutely ashamed of themselves. They are nothing short of ignorant. They are an embarassment to themselves and the state of Texas.

If people want to be negative and 'boo' their own team and players, fine, whatever. However, when you boo such a brilliant player and such a great team, you show only pure stupidity and knuckle-head tendencies.

Baseball is a game of controlled failure.

The very best of players fail 7 times out of 10. Imagine that. They fail to get a hit 7 times out of 10. It is a game of patience, where the best players succeed 30% of the time. It is a game of streaks, peaks and valleys. Hamilton has been peaking all season long, and is currently in an unavoidable valley, something that happens to all players.

The idiotic Rangers fans who booed so heavily that Texas manager Ron Washington chose to sit Hamilton Saturday to give him a mental break, are the worst kind of dim-witted, idiotic fools, who clearly know nothing about the game of baseball, and should go back to watching something easier and more simple like NASCAR.

Baseball doesn't need clowns like them.

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