We live in a World where it would appear to be far easier to slam dunk home an angry, knee-jerk reaction than make an intelligent, calm, considered opinion on any given topic. The New York Jets backup Quarterback, otherwise known as Tim Tebow, is taking plenty of flak for appearing to be recreating Jesus on the cross in a recent GC magazine article. The pointless, angry kerfuffle brings to mind another inane conservative reaction to 'the liberal media' that occurred a month ago

As the latest Batman movie was released, neo-conservative shock jock Rush Limbaugh noted the super villain Bane, remembered that Mitt Romney once ran a corporation called 'Baine' and couldn't help rushing to the following reaction;

"Do you think that it is accidental that the name of the really vicious fire breathing four eyed whatever it is villain in this movie is named Bain [sic]?"

Unfortunately for Limbaugh, his rushed, heated and angry comments were completely off the mark. At no point in the movie did the psychotic and yet tragic Bane ever breathe fire. Furthermore (and more importantly) Bane first appeared in Batman comics almost twenty years before 'Batman - The Dark Knight Rises'. It would have been astonishingly visionary for the creators of the caped crusader to foresee Mitt Romney's Baine Capital adventure and link it to their impressive villain, Bane.

But, Limbaugh saw what he saw and, without thinking about it, went ahead and made his assumption.

Pretty much the exact same story is playing out right now with a Tebow snap that is making some of the more vociferous, ardent religious right explode in fury. We at 'From the bleachers' don't even have the stomach to copy and paste in the quotes that are available on this topic, suffice to say the angry parties have out Limbaughed Limbaugh himself.

A quick seconds thought would have perhaps led to less volatile commentary. Call Tim Tebow what you want, he is obviously very serious and reverential about his faith, and even the most simple minded amongst us must realise, he would never, ever be caught parodying or taking lightly same.

Added to this, the fact that GQ recycled and no doubt doctored the pictures, the recycled them from a lengthy six years ago in fact. Tebow had no idea they were going to be re-posted.

The below snap was also from the same photo shoot, and you can see the Florida Gators colours clearly prominent.

With the above in mind, if you originally thought Tebow was making light of his faith, do you still think so? If so, well, probably nothing is going to change your mind, however most people who are willing to think through a topic fully would agree, clearly the picture has been taken wildly out of context.

As for those still frothing at the mouth with anger, rest assured, Tebow is going to be absolutely annihilated in the New York Jets locker room for this by his merciless team mates. No doubt about it he is going to be teased ferociously.

Now on to a far more pressing matter, how has nobody even mentioned the incredibly Zoolanderesque latest Tom Brady cover shoot?!

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