Fenway Park - 100 year anniversary
That was absolutely abhorrent. What happened last night in Boston was almost indescribable. Someone, or one group, needs to look at itself in the mirror this morning and seriously question his, her, its actions. We're not talking about Bobby Valentine. Let's get that out of the way straight off the bat. He has been hired to do a job and is doing his best with what fate (and a brutal injury list) has given him. He is 14 games into a 162 game season and we won't really have a measure of his ability in leading the Red Sox until the All Star break.

Bobby Valentine isn't the one who acted shamefully Saturday night.

We're not referring to FOX sports, which gave us its usual blend of overly simplified, bland and crass coverage, seemingly aimed at the under twelves or the over nineties. Whilst Joe Buck's superhuman ability to state the obvious is no doubt impressive, the FOX act is as old and tired as its apparent target audience. I am not advocating turning baseball coverage into an MTV like experience, but, the starchy, out of touch packaging it is currently wrapped in by FOX is pathetic.

For those who were watching, FOX made the decision to switch to the White Sox perfect game, which wouldn't have been a problem had they utilize their split screen coverage that they started with. However, they then focused solely on the White Sox game, meaning both Yankee and Sox fans were stunned when the game at Fenway came back on. Terrible presentation by FOX.

However, it is still not they who should feel ashamed of themselves today.

You would prefer if Red Sox pitchers stopped centering the ball up and living on the middle, the heart, of the plate so often, however even with that in mind, it is not they who behaved in shameful fashion on Saturday night at Fenway Park.

None of those peoples deliberately set out to act in shameful fashion. That dubious distinction belongs solely to the fans of the Boston Red Sox. In their own park. On the back of the 100 years anniversary celebrations. Red Sox fans didn't just boo their team. They rained a hateful deluge of disdain and stupidity down on their own team, their own players, their own manager, with such vitriol that any decent minded individual watching proceedings were shocked to their core.

It was downright nasty.

The booing of players was bad enough, the booing of a brand new manager was simply ignorant. Bobby Valentine is by all accounts a decent man, an experienced baseball skipper, who was excited to be given the chance to lead the Red Sox forward from the collapse of 2011 and Chicken-gate. He deserves a chance,and anyone who knows anything about baseball knows that casting judgement on a team after less than twenty games is not giving it or its manager a chance.
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If you disagree with this, if you think that Red Sox fans have a right to display this snarling, ugly face to the baseball watching world, then what of Cubs, Padres and Kansas fans? Should they follow suit, and rain negativity down on their franchise? The Cubs and Padres are off to a similarly poor start with just 4 wins, and Kansas are right now the worst team in the majors with only 3 wins. Yet, their fans are able to behave in a dignified manner at ball games. Their fans seem to understand that the season is very long and reacting over the top at this stage would be something to be ashamed of.

Why do Red Sox fans think it is OK to act stupid when there are plenty of other fan bases that are being patient and waiting to get a better picture of the season before deciding if they are happy with the product their team delivers or not?

Are 4 Red Sox losses worse than 4 Cubs losses? Of course they aren't, but the ridiculous, stupid expectations of some Red Sox fans are a clue to the reason behind why most normal MLB fans are starting to look at Sox fans as the dumbest, the most arrogant and the most self entitled and introverted group of fans in professional sports.

There is nobody to blame but ourselves. Nobody. Don't bother blaming the players. Don't bother blaming the manager or the front office. It us us Red Sox fans ourselves who are bringing ourselves into disrepute.
The actions of what would appear to have been the vast majority of Red Sox 'fans' on Saturday night were completely lacking in class, dignity and or humanity. They created an ugly cess pit of negativity and hate. This abhorrent behavior is lacking in intelligence and thought.

On Sunday I woke up ashamed to be a Boston Red Sox fan. We are, as of today, the worst group of fans of any professional sports team, and we deserve all the ridicule and schadenfreude that is aimed at us over the next week. The shameful behavior at Fenway Park on Saturday night set us Sox fans aside from the often ridiculed Heat fans, the stereotypically angry Yankee fan and even those crazy Raiders fans.

There is simply absolutely no excuse for the torrent of negative abuse that came from the stands.


There is already enough negativity and hatred cursing the planet Earth at the moment. Adding to it just shows a worrying, disappointing lack of thought, intelligence and humanity.

We are Red Sox fans, and right now, we are covered in shame.