Watching Orioles ‘sluggerLuke Scott chase down a fly ball in the outfield against the Red Sox earlier this week, with all the grace of a learning disabled elephant with a really bad foot injury, was fun.

Slightly less fun is the general reaction to his comments about President Obama

For those of you who missed it, Scott has aligned himself with those simple folk who don’t think President Obama is, you know, American.

This in spite the fact that the whole interview process for the Presidents job is reasonably thorough. You would imagine they probably do a little research into a person’s background. Well, apart from George Bush junior of course, who managed to get the job despite having an IQ of twelve, and a background of both alcohol and minor drug abuse. The fact of the matter is though, Obama is probably American. They probably checked that.

Luke Scott doesn’t believe this though.

It is his ardent belief that Obama is not American (no, seriously) and he has been very eager to reiterate his beliefs. When asked if he felt bad about what he said, Scott replied ‘’I felt tremendous about what I said, and I was proud of it’’.

You know what, this gun loving, right wing, racist (check out his comments on a black team mate who he thinks is an ‘animal’ or his love for throwing banana chips into a Dominican team mates batting helmet) idiot is not my concern. Scott is a simple minded, un-educated moron, who society adores because he is an ‘athlete’. He gets to spout out these hateful, poorly thought out and completely un-researched comments and the media repeat it to us on the glorious shark feeding fest that is the Internet.

What bothers me is the tepid reaction to his comments.

Whatever you think about Obama, whatever you think about his policies, his dress sense or his ball skills, he is still the President of the United States, and should be afforded the respect due an office of that stature. Amazingly people like Scott are not only being given air time with these hair brained conspiracy theories, they are being commended and defended for ‘speaking their minds’. Thankfully the Baltimore Orioles have officially distanced themselves from Scott’s asinine quotes, however during the game in question Rick Dempsey, the Orioles commentator, spoke highly of Scott, who he particularly singled out as a ‘very religious’ man.

Rick, Adolf Hitler was a ‘very religious man’. Doesn’t mean he should be winning any ‘person of the week’ awards any time soon.

Let’s cut to the chase here. It’s pretty clear that people like Scott are getting away with this because Obama is black. You know it, I know it, heck even Fox News knows it. It’s the 5,000 lb elephant in the room that no one is commenting on. How is it so obvious? Imagine this scenario.

Imagine this for one second, and then tell me honestly, without flinching, that what I am suggesting isn’t true.

Imagine John McCain was president. Imagine Randy Moss launched a long, boring and stupid rant to the media that it was his belief that the President was not actually American. Can you imagine the uproar? Moss would be fined, villanized and would probably end up the subject of at least a few death threats.

Instead we get some borderline senile old Orioles commentator sycophantically praising Scott as a ‘deeply religious man’?

Am I missing something here? How on earth is this being accepted?

During the Sox game Scott hit a home run off Red Sox starter Josh Beckett. He flipped his bat and showboated around the bases like a clown. Beckett screamed at him lustily and you worried for Scott's well-being come his next at bat. Rick Dempsey said he would understand if Beckett 'plunked' him. The Internet forums and message boards were awash with people saying they thought Scott was an idiot for acting like that.

All that for show-boating during a game.

The same guy can basically make incredibly ugly, hateful and yes, treasonous comments and he gets commended for it?

You don’t have to be one of those deeply religious people to know, this just isn’t right.

''Now watch this three..''



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