I recently posted how a bowl tie-in with the ACC and Orange bowl would be of huge benefit to Notre Dame.

So it is not surprising then to hear that a group of ACC presidents is meeting today with Notre Dame, a source with inside knowledge close the situation tells Tigerillustrated.com.

IrishIllustrated.com have posted on their website; At this point we have not been able to confirm specifics as to the purpose of the meeting. But it is known that the ACC has been courting Notre Dame to join the conference.

This is what Clemson Board of Trustees chairman, David Wilkins, had to say on the matter;

"I'm not surprised, because obviously Notre Dame would be of great interest," Wilkins said."I'm not aware of any meetings or contact, but I've been out of the country since July 4th. 

"The general consensus is Notre Dame would be a great fit. I'm certainly not implying there's been an offer or anything like that, and certainly I'm not speaking for the ACC or for John Swofford. But my personal opinion is they would be a great fit."

So what is in the offing ?
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All kinds of speculation is rampant on the social media outlets.

By far, the most believable and probable is for Notre Dame to shift it's Olympic sports from the Big East to the ACC and remain Independent in Football. Of course, there has to be an upside for Notre Dame, the ACC would tie Notre Dame into the Orange Bowl once it met certain criteria.....perhaps 9 wins in a season.

Such a move would be very welcomed considering the fact that out of the major athletic conferences, the Big East has seriously digressed in it's status since losing Pittsburgh and Syracuse to the ACC.

Adding the Orangemen and Pitt brought to five (Miami, Boston College & Virginia Tech), the number of teams that have jumped ship from the Big East to the ACC in recent years.

Notre Dame is currently affiliated with the Big East in all sports except football.

Anyone else see a pattern developing here?

Stay tuned for more on this as it happens.

Away from the hustle and bustle of the ever changing landscapes of the college footballing world and BCS, we turn our attention to recruiting.

The heir-apparent to the best LB in college football, Fighting Irish MLB Manti T'eo, has been found in Beaverton, Oregon.....of all places!

Alex Anzalone may be only rated as the 49th best player in the nation by Rivals.com, but he is already being regarded as the next Teo and will even occupy Teo's number 5 jersey when he enrols early next January.

The Ohio State de-commit, Anzalone, made the announcement at an ESPN/Nike sporting event known as "The Opening" . Anzalone becomes the 17th member of the 2013(known as IrishMob13)class to have verbally committed to the Fighting Irish.

As a result, only Alabama and Michigan rank higher than Notre Dame nationally in recruiting, and we are not done just yet!

Finally, while the season is fast approaching, the big boys at the ND campus decided to take a day out recently and enjoy themselves away from the classroom. The footage below was made exclusively available to the "Bang Bang Notre Dame Gang" group on Facebook.

Fighting Irish NG Louis (Irish Chocolate) Nix III posted a few snippets of the many talents of the Fighting Irish players.


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