Good lord! Jeremy Lin this, Jeremy Lin that. The Knicks will keep him, the Knicks won’t keep him. Whatever. Houston have him now so maybe, maybe there is some end in sight to this torrential downpour of repetitive, inane Jeremy Lin media coverage. What on earth has been going on? ESPN is practically ESPN\ at this stage, their poster boy LeBron James has even taken a backstage to Linsanity.

Imagine you were a pretty big sports fan who, the night before Lin injured himself this NBA season past, was hit in the head by a blunt object and slipped into a coma. Imagine you woke up today and your loved ones had a laptop ready for you with all the big sporting websites open so you could catch up on your beloved sports news straight off the bat.

From the sheer stupid, heavy weight of Lin related coverage, you would have to assume that Lin had, while you lay in a coma, single handed led the Knicks to the NBA title, averaging 34 points a game in the playoffs, had talked Michael Bay out of ever making another Transformer movie, had opened sixteen orphanages, slapped the silly out of Tom Cruise, and donated 50 % of his salary to New York’s homeless.  The next day after all that, he had cured World hunger.

How stunned would you be if you were to find that Lin had actually ceased playing the night you had got knocked out cold? He didn’t score one point from that point on in the NBA and evidence suggests he had not slapped the crazy out of Tom Cruise. You would basically slip right back into a coma, right?

Whatever about the (L)insanity of all this endless media coverage, what on earth are Houston doing offering Lin a 3 year $25 million dollar contract on the basis of one half of a decent NBA season? Is there really such a dearth of talent around at the point guard position that people are willing to dole out such huge figures on the basis of a completely inconsequential sample period?!

Taking a quick step back, let’s review the ‘career’ of Jeremy Lin thus far.

Lin has played in 64 NBA games. Total. Ever. Of those, he has started a pathetic 25. 25 games started in the NBA. In the history of time. Lin has attempted 80 three point shots in his career, and has hit on a very pedestrian 25 of those. Think about that for a second. He has hit 25 3 point shots. Ever. Ray Allen hit about that many in the time it took to write this article. Lin has scored 588 points in his long, storied NBA career. Total. LeBron James scored 588 points falling out of bed this morning.

Jeremy Lin is about to get a contract that rewards him with a million dollars for every start in his career thus far.

This bloated Lin coverage is absolutely ridiculous.

What is it going to finally take to get him off of the front pages? Bearing in mind, Lin has basically done nothing of consequence in terms of NBA history, and yet still he is demanding more column inches and breathless side-line reporter segments than real, actual, productive and successful athletes. What is it going to take? LeBron caught in a limousine with a transvestite ‘lady’ of the night? Josh Hamilton taking a tour of the Duff Brewery? Bryce Harper renouncing Mormonism and switching to Scientology?

It would be one thing if Lin was interesting. Sadly he would appear to have the charisma of your average log and the dramatic possibilities of the colour grey. Call me old fashioned, but I prefer my wildly over rated athletes to have, you know, lived a little.

Bring back Tim Tebow, all is forgiven!

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